I using the 1.6 trial version on W7x64, having a GTX 1060 installed.

I use HWINFO64 to monitor what's happening, and when converting to MKV h.264 or H.265, the GPU load remains at zero.

So, how do I use it for encoding?

Second question: I also tested on a 6 core 12 thread I7-3930K CPU. Even if I use the Multi-cpu force option, when converting to MKV H.264, I'm running around 50% cpu load only. With H.265, I do reach 100%. So, my 6 core is under used with H.264 encoding. I'm running at half its speed. What can I do use the 12 threads at 100%?

Third question: my source is an NTCS 29.970fps .ts file that I convert to a 23.970 MKV file. Does that mean that VC performs detelecine automatically, or just plain de-interlace?

And finally I set up Enable Profile on Converter. But I don't see how to save a profile that holds all the parameters for re-use, I only found how to save the DSP effects.