Hello I have my main Library on a 4TB USB HD which is connected to my PC . I then have a Music Server set up which uses a Raspberry Pi 3+ with Max2play and using Logitech Media Server as media software. This has its own 2TB usb hard drive connected to the Pi with a mirror of the main Libray . Now due to changes the main Library is split between Apple Lossless and FLAC . I want to convert the Library to all FLAC as i no longer use any Apple products.

On the conversion panel what do I set the destination to when I want to keep all of the Floders and Sub folders on the new destination usb drive ? I have done one but it has just created one large file with all of the songs no album folders which is not what I want .

Also this takes about a day and ahlf to run so I need to be certain that I am making the correct settings for this next time I hit run . I realise that much of this is my own inabilty to understand the file/origin/destination path details which I should but seem not to be able to get . Any help would be appreciated.