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Thread: Adding today's date to a tag automatically

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    Question Adding today's date to a tag automatically


    Apologies if I missed this in my search of the online help and the forums.

    I use a custom tag "RipDate" which I manually set to today's date when I rip a CD. That way I can sort my albums by ripping date in my music server. I use Minimserver, which is excellent, except for one thing: it cannot display albums in the order that they were added to the library by itself. With my custom RipDate tag however, I can work around that.

    What I would like to do is to set the value of the RipDate tag automatically in CD Ripper. I had a look at the DSP effect ID Tag Processing, where under the "Additions" tab I added my RipDate tag with a value of [date].

    However, when I look at the resulting tag value after ripping, the value of RipDate is the string "[date]".

    Is what I want doable with the ID Tag Processing DSP? Or should I look into using an external tag processing script?

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    Re: Adding today's date to a tag automatically

    I do not think you can do this, external scripting would work as you can set any tag value.

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