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Thread: "Item Not Found" error when attempting to copy flac files from one drive to another?

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    "Item Not Found" error when attempting to copy flac files from one drive to another?

    I'm guessing this is likely NOT a CD Ripper issue, but instead a Windows issue. Nevertheless, thought I'd inquire here in case others have experienced this particular problem.

    Attempted to copy over 27,000 flac files from one hard drive to another to create another backup. Both drives are very new, recently formatted and "healthy". Towards the end of the copying process, an error window pops-up with the message "Item not found" - "Could not find this item" and it lists a song and all it's rip details, album art thumbnail, etc. This error repeats 37 times, once for each of the 37 files it 'can't find'. Funny thing is, I can see these 37 songs/files clearly present on HDD*1 (source drive). I can hover my mouse over their file names and it shows song/flac data present (between 20-45 MB for each one), yet when I right-click on any of them and go to 'properties', some show no data and 0 (zero) bytes, while others show the same data as when hovering over them. Weird. Crazier still is if I double-click on any one of the 'zero byte' files, Media Player opens and the song plays!

    So yesterday this issue happened with 37 tracks/flac files "not found". So today I defragged HDD*1, reformatted HDD*2 and tried again. This time around, instead of 37, only 5 songs/flac files were 'not found'.

    The inconsistency between 37 & 5 in particular I find very unnerving. If it had been 37 again today, I would've just assumed those 37 files had become corrupt and I'd just re-rip them. But today it's only 5... 2 of which are the same as yesterday, 3 are different than yesterday altogether.

    I initially thought maybe it was too many characters in the file name making things screwy, and while a few are exceedingly long, others are well under the 255 character limit.

    Any thoughts on what's going on/what to try?

    THANKS! and sorry sooo long...
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