I have a Pioneer vsx-824 receiver and under Windows 10 64bit I was able to send mp3/wav and flac-files with WMPDMC.exe (by rightclicking on a flac-file and choose 'play on device' (I hope that's the correct English translation of the name on my Windows) to the receiver which would play the flac files.

After installing DBpoweramp, I can't stream the flac-files anymore. MP3- and wav-files play without a problem but with flac-files it tries to make connection to the receiver but it never starts.
After uninstalling DBpoweramp I can stream flac-files again. I have this with v16.5 and v16.6. I have not tried earlier versions of DBpoweramp.
I have tried this on 2 pc's and both can't stream flac-files when DBpoweramp is installed.

What can I do to get flac-streaming working and have DBpoweramp installed at the same time?