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Thread: Right click in context menu - Not windows explorer

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    Right click in context menu - Not windows explorer

    Hi there,

    I use a file manager called Powerdesk which I find a great deal better than Windows Explorer.
    Unfortunately dbpoweramp will not install itself in the context menu of powerdesk but will appear in the Explorer right click menu.

    I can see that this is not really a dbpoweramp issue but I am getting nowhere with the powerdesk folk.

    Has anyone a suggestion as to how I can get dbpoweramp to show up in the right click, context, menu of my file manager.

    thanks for your time.

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    Re: Right click in context menu - Not windows explorer

    There are 2 ways to add entries to a right click, one is simple, in the registry, but does not work well when selecting lots of files, the other way is to have a dll which explorer loads, and the DLL informs explorer what to insert. If they do not support the loading of registered DLLs you cannot add it manualy.

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