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Thread: Received an AR message but still Secure

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    Re: Received an AR message but still Secure

    As the AR confidence was only 1 it could be the other person who had the ripping error, you would not completely know until a 3rd person rips that cd and submits.

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    Re: Received an AR message but still Secure

    Quote Originally Posted by Talshiar View Post
    I had previously used WMP to rip my CD's to wav (i got a new car stereo and wanted all my music without the hassle of physical disks).
    to the credit of the person above, what i found was skips that WMP did not detect or otherwise report.
    so i got DBPowerAmp and re-ripped everything, and a quarter my disks seemed to be corrupt in some fashion or another. DBPowerAmp let me know, so already its WAY better than WMP for ripping imho.

    One thing stumped me though. one of my favorite disks couldn't rip the last song, i also got the "X AR (1) i Secure".
    i wanted a flawless copy. so i bought the disk again. same error/same track on 2 different physical disks! why?
    idk if we are allowed to put disk information in this forum, so certain information has been replaced with generic info.

    Information ripping to Wave, 'Track 16' to 'E:\path\name.wav'
    Track 16: Ripped LBA 322282 to 342557 (4:30) in 4:21. Filename: path\name.wav
    AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 1) Secure (Warning) [Pass 1 & 2, Re-Rip 30 Frames]
    CRC32: EBEC78E4 AccurateRip CRC: F9F9CC6F (CRCv2) [DiscID: xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xx]

    because you got a secure outcome but not a match, but there is only one other rip in the AR database, you likely have a bitperfect rip. Since you have both CDs, rip them both an compare the CRCs of that track from both rips. I suspect they are identical, and thus you have very strong evidence of a bitperfect rip. Not everything is in AR, and obviously this CD is either brand new or not a popular disk given the AR of 1.

    edit: also keep in mind that even new CDs can have manufacturing defects that are not visible.
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