I have been experimenting with custom ID tags for my classical music collection now that Asset allows multiple instances. I followed the instructions in the sticky post (https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...-Tags-to-Asset) but have hit a snag. Custom tags appear to be handled differently in mp3 and FLACs.

Using MediaMonkey (v4.1.23) (and a hex editor for diagnostics) I created a custom tag as a frame (CUSTOM1) with the intention of using it to capture the solo instrument(s). In FLAC it creates a frame called CUSTOM1. Following the sticky instruction, I was able to get Asset to recognise it.

However, Mediamonkey creates custom tags differently. It embeds the custom tag within a Comment frame as COMM = (music-db_custom1 value1 value2 etc). Apparently, this is part of the ID3v2.3 standard but can I handle this in Asset while maintaining cross-compatibility with FLAC files in my collection?

In summary, for FLACs it creates a Frame for the custom tag while for MP3s it uses the COMM frame and embeds the custom tag within it.

I had a look at an alternative tagger Mp3Tag but again a similar issue arises. I can create a custom tag as a frame called INSTRUMENT in FLAC. However, for MP3s it embeds the tag within the TXXX frame (user defined text information frame) as TXXX = (instrument value1, value2 etc).

Is there anyway I can get handle this issue - any advice would be welcome.? If not the only workaround I can think of is to re-purpose an existing unused frame which is common to MP3s and FLACs.