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Thread: "Add Folder" doesn't work under Wine

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    "Add Folder" doesn't work under Wine

    I love your tools for running (nearly) perfect under Wine (Linux)!

    But now I detected that the "Add Folder" button isn't functional. No new window to search for media sources!

    It would be very nice if this can be fixed.
    And perhaps you can say me, where the information is stored so I can add them!

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: I always use the stable version of Wine!

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    Re: "Add Folder" doesn't work under Wine

    The window does not popup because Wine does not appear implement the advanced Windows file selector we use. It is not possible to manually add the folder.

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    Re: "Add Folder" doesn't work under Wine

    Thanks for the answer!

    Very sad to know that now PerfectTunes is usless for me!

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