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Thread: batch "export to folder.jpeg"

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    batch "export to folder.jpeg"

    Some of the artwork is embedded on my many folders/albums but I would like to have an actual folder.jpeg in the folder. Is there a way to do this with the batch converter and not have to do manually to each folder? Also, I the files are already flac, as I want them - will I have to convert them to something new if I use a DSP to add the folder.jpeg to the folder (or is there a way to "convert" without changing the files, just adding the folder.jpeg)?
    Sorry if I'm not being clear.


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    Re: batch "export to folder.jpeg"

    You need the ID Tag Update utility codec from Codec Central (https://www.dbpoweramp.com/codec-central-utility.htm (BTW Spoon - there is no longer a link to Codec Central anywhere convenient, except in the products pages. Could it be returned to the top banner please?)

    Anyway - you select the files you want to extract the art from, hit Convert, select the ID Tag Update drop down, set Manipulation->Album Art->Export To->folder.jpg

    It won't do any conversion and will export the image in place.

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