When I rip a CD, I usually leave the CR ROM Ripping Speed set to (Maximum). Every once in a while - particularly for a long CD - the last track or two will rip inaccurately. I can usually fix this be setting the CD ROM Ripping Speed to a slower speed.

Not long ago, I upgraded to version 16.5 of dBpoweramp. Everything has been fine, but today I tried to rip a long CD and the last track ripped inaccurately. When I went to try to lower the Ripping Speed, the CD Ripper wouldn't let me - the drop down only showed "(Maximum)". This was true both for my DVD-ROM (ATAPI iHDS118 5) and my DVD-RW (LITE-ON DVDRW SHM-165H6S).

I'm running Windows 7 (as I have been for the last seven years), and the drives are the same as when I could set the speed.

Why can't I set my Ripping Speed lower now?

Bill B.