CD Ripper demo experience has been great. So fast! .. nearly ready to buy.
WMP = "Windows Media Player"

(1) I would like lossless encoding, FLAC I guess.

(2) I would like to operate my music library completely outside iTunes/WMP other proprietary systems and be future proofed for future players / streamers.

(3) I have a DENON 2400 AV amp that uses the HEOS system/app for streaming from a DLNA server

(4) Have downloaded MP3TAG and have used to view tag properties.

(5) FLAC Files created in CD Ripper seem to be tagged with a "FLAC ID3V2" tag according to MP3TAG.

(6) My HEOS system (can of course) play these files but can't read the FLAC ID3V2 tag. So no nice app to browse my library with artwork etc. !

(7) I've tried this , suggested fix from BOSE. This converts the tag to just FLAC but this is still not read by HEOS.

(8) If I use the "get album info" in WMP against files with FLAC ID3V2 tags it seems to convert them to FLAC only and everything works fine in HEOS.

(8) is not an ideal solution because of (2)and really means that all the metadata function of CD Ripper (which looks great) is undermined / of no value.

Suggestions to buy a decent streamer or different device or that it's all DENON's fault .. probably not that helpful to me. (I will send all of this to DENON as well).

Can CD Ripper generate HEOS readable FLAC tags for me?
Why does WMP do what it does?

Appreciate any insight that can be provided to this ageing, grumpy audiophile.