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Thread: A quick question about secure rip results...

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    A quick question about secure rip results...

    After trying numerous times to get an accurate and/or secure rip of a CD (two different copies of the same disc showed errors and inaccuracies on the same tracks, suggesting a defect in the production run and not simply a damaged disc), I turned off C2 pointers in my ultra-secure settings. Out of 20 tracks on the CD, the two which had reported errors and consequently aborted DID manage to rip securely... but one was listed as "Accurate (2)" whereas the other came up as inaccurate "AR (2)" but secure... except instead of a green check mark next to the word secure there is a green lowercase "i" in italics.

    What does it mean when there is a green lowercase italic "i" instead of a green check next to the secure rating?

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    Re: A quick question about secure rip results...

    It means that frames had to be re-read, which possibly indicates an error.

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    Re: A quick question about secure rip results...

    I've tried a number of different discs which I was unable to get secure or accurate rips on some tracks, changing the Ultra Secure settings. In some cases all that was required to get secure rips of all tracks was to increase the maximum number of bad frames needing reripping from 100 to 1000 or 10,000 (depending on how many bad frames were reported in the log, increasing the setting accordingly), so that the rip would not abort due to having too many bad frames. Which is to say, the frames were recovered successfully.

    But the most effective workaround is turning off C@ pointers. When I do that, it still detects as many or more bad frames (when I compare the log files for different rips), but it is more often able to recover the frames, even in cases where there were more than 3000 frames that needed reripping. It took a long time to rerip all those frames but in the end it reported them as secure with warnings, due to inaccurate rip results for those tracks.

    In sum, turning off C2 pointers when I encounter errors seems the best solution, other than obtaining a different copy of the same disc (which has worked well for me most of the time, but not always) or trying a different drive (which I have yet to do).

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