I am just getting started with dbpoweramp ripper and ran into an issue.
I configured ripper according to: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/cd-ripper-setup-guide.htm
(there is no 'save setting' button anywhere and the settings appear to be 'sticking' when I went back and rechecked them)

Anyway, I am ripping to FLAC and am getting error on 18 of 21 tracks. Some questions:
1) how can I see what the error is? any way to correct it?
2)Is the resultant FLAC file still 'playable'? It played OK under WMP on a PC. Any bad side effects of having a ripped track with errors? (what if I convert it to mp3?

A question related to batch conversion
1) Now I have 4 CDs ripped in FLAC. I want to 'create a mirror' directory with .mp3 equivalents. Can I do that with dbpoweramp?