Recently added new Qnap TS-451+ (running newest QTS Build 20181013) ad installed Asset UPnP 6.1. Instance of Asset is visible for my Marantz only from time to time (mostly not visible), and even if working properly, frequently disappear if i want to change Artist/Album/Cd... Even after few days i can not tell why/when is asset visible or not... Asset restart works sometimes, but not always. I have no Problems using iPhone with Foobar2000 installed. For Foobar Qnap Asset is always visible. I work since years with Asset UPnP for Windows without any problems. Windows version work with all of mine Players.
I use Asus RT-AC68U Router. (Qnap cable connection, rest mostly WiFi)
I tried to re-install Asset, restart Qnap, restart Asset...) Any ideas ?