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Thread: New to dbpoweramp

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    New to dbpoweramp

    Can anyone tell me where I can find step by step instructions for ripping, filing, creating a playlist and transfering music to my Android phone.
    I have the dbp Music converter, Batch converter and cd ripper. Also have Foobar2000. I have it loaded on my windows 7 hp laptop. I have been
    doing the trial and error method and still not sure if it's right. Any suggestions would be great. thanks

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    Re: New to dbpoweramp

    Here is the online help to using dBpoweramp Music converter, Batch converter and CD Ripper software:
    dBpoweramp Music Converter

    however, it does not include information for transferring music to your android phone. You will have to check your android phone or your android DAP manual/help documentation for this.

    You may also want to read this for more info: Spoon's Audio Guide

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