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Thread: Playlist problems with QNAP

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    Playlist problems with QNAP

    The Playlists that I create with Windows Media Player are not working on my QNAP NAS.
    I am running Asset UPnP version r6.1 on my QNAP (trial edition)
    My Music files are on /Shared/FLAC Library/

    Windows Media Player sees the files fine and creates .m3u playlists in the folder /Shared/Flac Library/Playlists. The playlists entries look like:

    *EXTINF:0,03 - Moon River.flac
    \\13740NAS\Shared\FLAC Library\Andrea Bocelli\Cinema\03 - Moon River.flac

    Asset UPnP sees the playlists, but when I go to play the file on my DNLA player it says it can't play the file (Marantz AVR7703)

    If I edit the playlist to use relative addressing AND I change the backward slashes to forward slashes, then everything works fine. For example:

    ../Andrea Bocelli/Cinema/03 - Moon River.flac

    Is there a way to set this up so I don't have to edit the .m3u files?

    I also run an instance of Asset UPnP server on my Windows desktop. If I point Asset and WMP to a music library on the windows machine, everything works fine. If I point Asset and WMP to the NAS then I have the same problem. Interestingly, the playlist files created by Windows Media player when it is using a music library on the Windows machine use the relative addressing scheme (..\) as opposed to the full server/path method when the Media player is using a music library on the NAS.

    Thanks for any help I can get.

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    Re: Playlist problems with QNAP

    \\13740NAS\Shared\FLAC Library\Andrea Bocelli\Cinema\03 - Moon River.flac

    This network share is not available to Asset on the NAS, so it has to be relative.

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    Re: Playlist problems with QNAP

    The playlists have to make sense within the filesystem of the machine that Asset runs on. I'm sorry but there's no better way around this. You could load the playlists into some application and re-save them with relative paths; certain audio players do this by default.

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