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Thread: ...Cannot Copy MP3 from PC to Android

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    ...Cannot Copy MP3 from PC to Android


    I have been using Poweramp for Android and dBpoweram CD Ripper for years - and of course, they are great.

    Recently, I have been experiencing issues that I have not been able to resolve.

    Here are 2 examples of the same issue:

    I ripped the Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold (2 CDs) using dBpoweramp CD ripper.

    I dragged the MP3 files for CD 1 to my android - the files copied successfully.

    When I went to copy the CD 2 to my android - The message "There is already a file with the same name in this location"

    I checked my phone - the CD 2 files were not on my computer.

    I selected "Copy and Replace" - all CD 1 Files were deleted and replaced by the CD 2 files.

    I deleted the CD 2 files - shut down and restarted my Android - same problem.

    Example 2 - The Beatles For Sale (stereo version) was on my Android.

    I deleted the files - Turned my phone off and then restarted.

    Checked to make sure that there were no files on the phone. - ok.

    Attempted to copy The Beatles For Sale (mono version) to my phone.

    Same message - "There is already a file with the same name in this location".

    This never happened before.

    I have no idea what's going on.

    Also, I noticed a recent issue with dBpoweramp CD Ripper - recently, it has been taking a long time to access the metadata - I have a high speed network.

    Can anyone help me untangle this?

    Many thanks


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    Re: ...Cannot Copy MP3 from PC to Android

    If using a version of dBpoweramp prior to R16 see:


    I have no ideas about your file copying though.

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