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Thread: Help: low volume

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    Help: low volume

    Hi! I am new in this forum. I have been ripping my CD collection to FLAC using dbpoweramp, and I am a bit disappointed with the results because the volume I finally obtain is too low. Reading about the matter I have got confused. I more or less think that I can obtain higher volumes using ReplayGain. I have not tried that yet, because I do not know how to do it. I do not want to lose any sound quality using this function. Also I have ripped a lot of CDs and I would like to know if I have to rerip them again or I can apply it to the ripped ones. I would be very grateful if someone is kind enough to make all of this clear to me.

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    Re: Help: low volume

    Replaygain normally lowers the volume of most tracks to match other tracks...

    The volume ripped is exactly as saved on the CD, what are you using to listen to the music?

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