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Thread: Powerfile Driver

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    Re: Powerfile Driver

    A virtual machine would not work.

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    Re: Powerfile Driver

    scratch that. further research reveals that none of the current virtual machine software implimentations support direct firewire connections. oh well - time to look for an old pc...

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    Re: Powerfile Driver

    @ survey_sez

    I also have a Powerfile C200 with an old Laptop running Windows XP SP3.
    I found some drivers for Windows XP online, but cannot seem to make it work.
    The C200 unit is ok, and I can see it in the Device Manager when I install the drivers, but there is a "!" symbol, which means that there is some kind of conflict...
    Do you have any drivers for it that you can send my way, please ? My email is : serpa999 at gmail dot com
    Thanks and best regards

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    Re: Powerfile Driver

    Quote Originally Posted by survey_sez View Post
    Hmmmm. What about an XP virtual machine? Fortunately, the latest dbpoweramp batch ripper is advertised to run under Windows XP. Windows 10 supports a feature called Hyper-V which specifically provides hardware virtualization. That means each virtual machine runs on virtual hardware. Hyper-V lets you create virtual hard drives, virtual switches, and a number of other virtual devices all of which can be added to virtual machines. This will be my next challenge..If it works I'll start a new how-to thread.
    I do not advise you to an XP virtual machine

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