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Thread: Question A Little Off Topic

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    Question A Little Off Topic

    I figure someone might know the answer to this since it's CD related. I've ripped CD's, now I want to take those tracks and burn to blank Philips CD-R's. My discs say 80min/700MB. How is it that I can exceed 700MB of data but cannot exceed 80 min of playtime?

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    Re: Question A Little Off Topic

    When creating an audio CD (CDDA), I believe 80 minutes is the limit set by the redbook standard.

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    Re: Question A Little Off Topic

    The redbook standard set by Sony and Phillips was 74 minutes, but there were tolerances on some of the dimensions and settings that allowed replicators, and later CDR manufacturers to squeeze more in. Some old players wouldn't play the longer CDs reliably.

    80 minutes (I think actually minus a second or two) became the new defacto upper limit. Whether the red book standard was ever actually reissued to recognize CDs longer than 74 minutes as meeting strict red book specs, I don't know. I know CD Architect that I still use to burn CDs flags everything longer than 74 minutes as being not redbook compliant, but that software is very long of tooth. But everything currently available should play (or burn) 80 minutes without issue. I know that several vendors claim to have longer CDR's, like 90 minutes, but given the poor acceptance in the market, I suspect they aren't particularly compatible with existing hardware.

    Some burners allow you to "overburn" audio into the space provided for the leadout at the outer end of the track, to get a little more audio in, and some players will play the overburnt audio. With a compatible drive and the configuration setting turned on, dBpoweramp will attempt to rip the "overburnt" audio.

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