Hi all

I'm just putting the finishing touches to my DBPA settings, after having upgraded to R16.4 a couple of months back. I'm still unsure about a small handful of things and wondered if anyone can help please?

1. Using R14.4 in XP, I was able to have ReplayGain columns in Windows Explorer. I'd like to do the same now (R16.4 on Win7 Pro 64) but can't figure out how. Is it possible and if so does anyone know how please?

2. Windows Property Handler... Now I don't know a great deal about this, but I presume it is the info field for a file/folder shown in Windows Explorer. Is that right? How do you go about changing what info is and isn't shown there?

3. Control Centre > Configuration Advanced Settings > Pre-cache tracks (speed up conversions for SSD drives). Should I keep this on whilst I have an HHD and then turn off if/when I get a SSD? But also, how should this be set when the OS drive is SSD but the music data drive HDD?

4. Control Centre > Audio Codecs > Decoding Options > mp3 Decoder > Output. I have it set at 16-Bit. Not sure what the best option is though, or what exactly this setting is for.

Many thanks