Good day!

I have just freshly installed dBpoweramp Reference R16.4 in Windows 10 1709.

I am having the problem, that for the ".ogg" format, while dBpoweramp does recognize their tags (they show up when hovering over the tracks with the mouse), and even Windows can use them to sort the tracks in the explorer view, they do not show up in the "details" pane of the explorer. Actually I am using the album title to group the tracks in the explorer, and where before the installation of dBpoweramp the ogg-tracks couldn't be properly sorted by Windows, now they actually do, so there was definitely a change and Windows does know "more" now, than before. Still, the metadata doesn't show up in the details pane for some reason.

Properties missing in detail pane.JPG

I am using the default property handler and thumbnail integration settings. So it is turned on, and "ogg" is not excluded.

I didn't do the registry tricks mentioned here, because "ogg" is not a tag handled by Windows 10 system property handlers, so it doesn't even show up in that list.

I tried uninstall - reboot - re-install, no changes though.

Any idea, Spoon?