Hi there,

since March I am using dbpoweramp R16.2 Reference for OS X and this forum had been really of help to me to configure DBPA, setting up my preferred configuration and also have inspired me further how to tag music collections. I am quite happy so far with the functions of DBPA.
Many thanks to DBPA team, Spoon, PeterP and to the forum members.

So my post is about this ‘quite’ because the following issues give me headaches when processing each and every single CD (so far non-classical CDs to .flac). I wish these could be fixed or at least worked-around. Please have a look:

I.‘Multiple value separator ; does not work for some fields’

(Example) Entering in the tag editing window frame (lower middle of DBPA GUI) ‘Hubba; Bubba’ to either of the fields above causes CD Ripper to create only a single field with the value ‘Hubba; Bubba’ in the ripped files but should create two entries, like:

GROUPING=Hubba; Bubba

I was surprised because it works for GENRE and others, ARTIST, of course. Expected a consistent handling of the ‘; ‘ separator across the Vorbis Comment Fields.

User Impact:
- Prevents from ripping CDs using DBPA only (And CD Ripper clearly got the functions/potential to deliver this!), because it's always needed to add an additional processing step; which is re-loading the ripped tracks into a tag editor afterwards to edit and store multiple values appropriately.
- Significant time increase spent for ripping, at least

II.Field Mapping
II.1 ‘ENSEMBLE field disappears after ripping’

Happens when
ENSEMBLE=band name
and also
are set. In short: To both fields the same value assigned.
And it just happens? in the background, or have I overlooked sth perhaps?

User Impact:
- Cannot browse a separate index of bands (in non-classical) and also in future will not be able to index/filter for classical music ensembles from duetts over chamber to orchestras (when tagging classical music).
- Prevents from ripping CDs using DBPA only, because it's always needed to afterwards load the ripped tracks into a tag editor to recover ENSEMBLE.
- Time consuming and additional error source

Solved. could successfully change this to leave it unmapped as COMMENT.
Found a setting under DBPA configure>Codecs>ID Tagging.

User Benefit:
Transparent and user controllable as wanted. Nice. (Unfortunately I could not find a similar setting for ENSEMBLE, is it hidden elsewhere?)

III.‘No Predictive Typing when filling Tag Comment fields’
Believe I read about it in some Release notes but I got to admit I am not sure. Either way, I'd appreciate to have such support.

User Benefit:
- Reduces likelihood of creating unwanted ‘ghost’ indexes during tagging. E.g. when GENRE intent is typing ‘Classical’ but it happens to end up in ‘Classicall’ as a typo.
- Saves time because no (less often) retagging step needed.

thanks for reading

Any thoughts / suggestions?