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Thread: Windows Screen Resolution high-DPI displays

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    Windows Screen Resolution high-DPI displays

    I'm new to PerfectTUNES, but a long-time dBpoweramp user.

    ID Tags (and it looks like the rest of the PerfectTUNES suite) doesn't handle Windows high-resolution screens at all well (high-DPI devices). My primary display is 3200x1800. Menu items are huge, list of files are tiny and text overlaps.

    AAA PerfectTunes.jpg

    As a workaround, I found the application EXE, right-clicked, Properties, Compatibility Tab. I checked the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and set the "scaling performed by" to "System".

    Please add this to your list of things to fix in an upcoming release. High-DPI devices are quite common today.


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    Re: Windows Screen Resolution high-DPI displays

    Fixed 5 months previously:


    Still in testing

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