Is something like dynamic playlist possible with the new functionality in Asset 6 in regards to the ability to setup items in the menu tha auto-descent the tree?

Here's an example of what I would like to do, I called it a 'balanced' dynamic playlist as it reflect the type of music and ratio I like to listen to in about a day. I am able to do that when listening to my music on PC via MediaMonkey. However, trying to reproduce this functionality to Asset so that my other device (mostly my main Amply) can enjoy similar dynamic playlist has been impossible thus far from what I researched.

At the core, I want to generate a playlist that would give me 140 randomly selected song broken down to 50x hard rock, 10x electronic, 20x rock, 5x French, 5x Five stars rating songs, 10x unheard songs (one that has a playtime of 0 or an unindentified last played), finally 40x on every genre except Hard Rock, Rock, Christmas & Oldies.

I achieved this in Mediamonkey by setting a dynamic playlist for each above type that select a random set of the given quantity and then a master playlist called 'balanced' that call each of those once and randomize the results. Boom, pulls 140 songs out of a library of ~50000 good for ~8-10hours of listening and match my eclectic listening taste.

When accessing my music via Asset, it is great I can do all kind of selection but doing the above I could not figure if possible. I cannot setup 'dynamic playlist item count' to 5 as minimum is 50. So even if I wanted to make multiple Jukebox selection for the above criteria it would results in 50 selection for each group.

I was hopeful that with the new functionality I be able to set this up but seem I can still only do a Jukebox track selection set of 100 or 200 and than although truely random it may results in way more undesirable song for the moment.

ANyone has any idea if possible? Can asset do dynamic playlist or small random selection that can then be combined? Could I generate playlist for each type and have asset pick from those? Anyone more knowledgeable, and creative, than me in Asset have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!