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Thread: Secure Rip first, automatically revert to Burst if fails

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    Secure Rip first, automatically revert to Burst if fails

    I'm a new user who is setting-up dBpoweramp to rip my music CDs to data files. Is it possible to set the program to try Secure Rip (with error correction) first and then automatically revert to Burst (without error correction) if Secure fails (Error Ripping to FLAC occurs). I'm not a super audiophile. Maybe later I can go back and be a perfectionist but, right now I just want to do a good job ripping my music collection and manually switching to Burst to re-rip tacks that fail Secure seems tedious. Has this been automated and I just can't find it?

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    Re: Secure Rip first, automatically revert to Burst if fails

    If you disable the abort options, then you effectively have this with secure ripping, the file will be ripped with errors.

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    Re: Secure Rip first, automatically revert to Burst if fails


    Maybe I have been lucky, but out of the last 35 CDs I've ripped, I've had 1 CD, with 1 track, with 4 frames of errors - it was bought cheaply second hand.

    Listening to my iPod which the music was ripped not using dBpoweramp, it certainly doesn't take a perfectionist to hear the admittedly occasional skips.

    For the vast majority of CDs that rip without errors, it really doesn't take longer to use Secure rather than Burst, unless the CD isn't in the database, and a second pass is required.

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    Re: Secure Rip first, automatically revert to Burst if fails

    Ripping with Secure is my preference but some of the CDs (maybe ones I used in my car) are damaged and tracks are producing X ERROR messages and not recording. I switch to burst and rip the X ERROR tracks again as X INACCURATE. Then I reset to Secure and go on to the next CD. Isn't there a way to set my preference as Secure and if a track fails record it using Burst? Disabling abort doesn't sound like what I'm looking for but I tried disabling the abort options anyway (No Abort After Unrecoverable Frames, When Have to Re-Rip, and after Ripping a Track For). The results weren't what I'm looking for. It seemed to keep failing for a very long time and didn't produce a recording using Burst when Secure Failed. Actually, rather than disabling abort I'm looking for Rip with Secure but if Abort is reached record with Burst. It's not a big deal, I can keep doing this manually. I just thought it might be an option.

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