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Thread: Ripping taking too long!

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    Feb 2018

    Angry Ripping taking too long!

    I have just downloaded an evaluation copy of dBpoweramp (Windows R16.4 Trial) this afternoon.
    Put it to work straightaway ripping a 12 track CD.
    After 30mins it was 1% through the CD (13% of Track 1)
    After 4hours 15minutes it was 8% through CD (97% of Track 1)

    This does not seem normal :

    I was ripping to MP3 format with Quality set to about 75%

    I am running on an ASUS Laptop F555L running INTEL i5-4210 CPU @ 1.7GHz 2.4GHz with 8GB RAM, 64bit OS

    What am I doing wrong?

    PS It is a Dutch CD put out by Amstel Bier titled: "Goed Gemaakt!" (= Well made!)

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    Re: Ripping taking too long!

    Switch ripping mode to 'Burst' is that fast at ripping?

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