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Thread: What exactly does "Corrupted File" mean?

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    What exactly does "Corrupted File" mean?

    How does PerfectTunes decide a file is "Corrupted"? Failed internal CRC check? Failed external CRC check?

    I have a hi-res Freddie Hubbard album purchased on HDTracks that always shows one file "corrupted", although it plays fine.

    All the tracks ripped from my old Sonny Clark CD Leapin' and Lopin' show up as corrupted. It was ripped many years ago, probably using EAC before I bought dBpoweramp, and probably pre-AccurateRip. Again, the files seem to play fine.

    What are the criteria for "corruption"?

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    Re: What exactly does "Corrupted File" mean?

    Corruption of a file can be detected if the check sum of a file does not correspond to the check sum which is stored within the file itself. The error can be just a small glitch within the file structure (header, footer, meta data) or in the audio data. While some errors can make a file unusable, others can't be even heard, like you said.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: What exactly does "Corrupted File" mean?

    The files are all FLAC?

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