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Thread: A CD Ripper config file would be VERY desirable!

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    A CD Ripper config file would be VERY desirable!

    We have several individuals working at different workstations ripping and tagging CDs for our music library.

    Maintaining different installations of dBpoweramp CD Ripper that are supposed to be identical is cumbersome, currently requiring individual attention from an administrator. Sometimes mistakes are made or mysterious changes occur without authorization.

    I noticed that when uninstalling 16.3, followed by rebooting and reinstalling 16.2, the custom setup is maintained. This implies that these settings are stored somewhere, probably in the Windows registry instead of the roaming folder for the application..

    It would be a great feature if it were possible to synchronize the settings between installations with the latest and greatest configuration file that could be administered remotely or at least updated manually at each workstation using a USB flash drive.

    Mp3tag has this feature, which greatly simplifies maintaining a consistent interface when tagging the FLAC files we generate. Updates can be made remotely using, for example, Teamviewer.

    Can something be done to make it easy to configure dBpoweramp CD Ripper consistently—a method that doesn't require an administrator to carry around an instruction sheet and visually inspect each installation in each of two computer profiles (broadcaster, administrator) on a near-dozen workstati0ns?

    ...and yes, we have purchased mulit-computer licenses for these installations, in case you're wondering.

    Thanks in advance for considering this request again ...

    Dennis...aka "d2b"

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    Re: A CD Ripper config file would be VERY desirable!

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