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Thread: Asset R6 for Windows

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    Apr 2002

    Asset R6 for Windows

    New Feature: Asset Collections: create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries
    Indexer can exclude specific artists, genres, etc
    New option to set the static tree icon backgrounds a set color, defaults to black
    Added new option to rename shown text in browse tree, or map tags to different values, see Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> User Rename List (Display /Tag mapping)
    New option to combine multi-disc albums as one album (disc 2 would have tracks offsetted from 100) enabled by default

    Full Change Log:


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    Apr 2002

    Re: Asset R6 for Windows

    Updated to R6.1

    mp3 Orchestra tagging override option

    The AssetUPnPUserRenameList can now rename the [All xxxx] item also in the tree, for example to change '[All Tracks]' to '* Tracks':
    display:= [All Tracks]:=* Tracks
    (notice the space before [All Tracks]

    Date is returned now for album listings for control points which allow data sorting

    If doing a UPnP search and derived upnp class was sent in search string, the outputted results will have this search class as needed for some control points

    Bug Fix: TCP Socket could infinite loop on certain systems
    Bug Fix: Asset collections would not function correctly on certain configurations
    Bug Fix: Was showing wrong prompt when deleting an Asset collection item
    Bug Fix: First item in m3u8 playlist was not being read
    Bug Fix: Search was returning albums with 'classical' in their name when not searching for classical (but genre was)

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