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Thread: Trouble ripping Radical Action

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    Trouble ripping Radical Action

    Hello! I"be been using the ripper successfully for a long time and have just recently had a trouble I can"t solve.

    The 3 CDs that come with last year"s King Crimson "Radical Action" set will not rip at all, though they play fine on CD players.
    I normally use secure mode and accurate rip verification, but with these CDs, they go through two very slow passes of ripping and then wind up with about 4 thousand error frames.

    I have tried the burst mode and the defective by design mode, in which case the result is full of drop-outs and distortions. So far I've done several thousand CDs and not seen this.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?


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    Re: Trouble ripping Radical Action

    Try a different cd drive.

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