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Thread: WMA Lossless Encoder is BROKEN!

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    Exclamation WMA Lossless Encoder is BROKEN!

    Have files in FLAC.
    Convert them to WAV - no problem
    Convert them to ALL other Lossless formats you offer - no problem.
    Convert them from WAV to WMA Lossless using Windows Media Encoder - no problem.

    Convert them to WMA Lossless using dBPowerAmp - PROBLEM.

    Most files encode fine, but about 10%-15% fail, reliably, every single time.

    I can send the actual files which fail if you would like, but I have narrowed down the only error to the encoding going on in dBPowerAmp using WMA Lossless.

    Thank You

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    Re: WMA Lossless Encoder is BROKEN!

    We reported an encoding issue to Microsofts developers on WMA 10 years ago with a simple example where it fails reliably, they never fixed. WMA is a dead format, you are best choosing a different one.

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