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Thread: Latest on Cue Sheet and single file FLAC

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    Latest on Cue Sheet and single file FLAC


    Searching through forums I've found various people using Cue Sheets and single file FLAC encoder setup with various degrees of success. I've just downloaded and installed the trial versions of dbPoweramp R16 (for Mac) and R16.2 for windows.

    I can't see the encoder Cue Sheet + Single file FLAC option. Has it been removed ? Is it an additional install ?



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    Re: Latest on Cue Sheet and single file FLAC

    So it seems that using the additional install here https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...-Utility-Codec you can add this functionality. I guess I'd assumed after 7-8 years it would have been included in the base install. Sadly though its seems to be only available for windows.

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