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Thread: dBpoweramp R16 [OS X]

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    Da Man
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    Apr 2002

    dBpoweramp R16 [OS X]

    The Apple version of dBpoweramp has received a major update, sporting a fresh new look, and new functionality such as:

    HDCD Decoding DSP Effect
    Utility Codecs (such as ReplayGain)
    Movement and Work tag support in CD Ripper (for the latest iTunes).

    Full Change Log:


    Registered R15 users log in to Registration Retrieval and follow the offer to upgrade:


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    Da Man
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    Apr 2002

    Re: dBpoweramp R16 [OS X]

    People who have bought dBpoweramp R15 OS X in the last 8 weeks (after the 10th of January) have been complimentary upgraded to R16, revisit Registration Retrieval to download.

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    Da Man
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    Apr 2002

    Re: dBpoweramp R16 [OS X]

    Updated to R16.1

    List of changes since R16:
    • Run External DSP fixes:
      Now accessible again as it was accidentally left out in R16
      Updated and bugfixed configuration dialog, options are no longer reversed, the dialog ensures that you input command0line arguments for "before conversion" & "after conversion" modes which require arguments.
      Can now launch mac OS app bundles, not just standalone executables or shell scripts.
    • CD Ripper: rip to temp folder now works correctly.
    • CD Ripper: prevented automatic meta lookup after tags have been manually edited.
    • Corrected "ID Tag Processing" DSP crash on invalid input.
    • Improved context menus for file list sub-dialogs, in batch converter and conversion setup dialogs.
    • Added the ability to clone Batch Converter presets along with conversion settings. [beta 2]
    • Made CD Ripper prevent system sleep. [beta 2]
    • Fixed album art lookup failing to fetch content from specific sources. [beta 3]
    • Fixed "error overwriting file" bug when ripping to external drive or a NAS. [beta 3]
    • Fixed various edit tags dialog glitches. [beta 4]
    • Fixed slow reading of specific ID3 tags containing large pictures. [beta 4]
    • CD Ripper: Fixed unwanted propagation of metadata edits to non-selected tracks. [beta 4]
    • CD Ripper: Fixed "rip as one" crash on new OSX. [beta 5]
    • Edit tags dialog tweaks. [beta 6]
    • Batch Converter: fixed some cases where recursive selection was ineffective. [beta 6]
    • Batch Converter: added "edit tags" in file list context menu. [beta 6]
      You can now mass edit tags on a folder, recursively - select a folder, open file list, select all, choose "edit tags" from the context menu.
    • CD Ripper: Manually entered folders are now automatically created. [beta 6]
    • Fixed lockup during conversion when converting lots and lots of tracks. [beta 8]

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    Da Man
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    Apr 2002

    Re: dBpoweramp R16 [OS X]

    Updated to R16.2

    Changes since R16.1
    • Fixed Apple AAC encoder bitrate slider glitch
    • CD Ripper can now deal with discs having 98 or 99 tracks.
    • CD Ripper fixed spurious file rename error messages sometimes appearing when using Multi Encoder.
    • Batch Converter: Prevented left pane from becoming zero sized.
    • Updated Opus library to 1.2.1
    • Improved handling of Converter logs:
      "Display Information Log" option now sticks
      When converting to one of the lossless formats with verify integrity option enabled, a notice about successful integrity check is added to the information log. Before, verification would only give feedback if an error was detected.
      Information logs can be brought up by a menu command after completed conversion without "Display Information Log" checked.
    • Prevented character substitution rules from messing with source path when converting to the folder containing source files.
    • Now allows trailing dot and space characters in file & folder names.
    • Improved compatibility with Opus files written with FFmpeg.
    • Improved enumeration of volumes on Mac OS High Sierra machines.
    • Multi Encoder now obeys dBpoweramp's file name character rules.
    • Made CD Ripper genre box wider.
    • CD Ripper: Fixed toggling specific metadata providers not having an effect if PerfectMeta has not been toggled.
    • Converter / Batch Converter: Fixed mistriggered output path sanity checks when converting to Multi Encoder.
    • Improved error messages when destination folder cannot be created.

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