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Thread: Cannot Rip a music DVD

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    Question Cannot Rip a music DVD

    Dear friends,
    I am obviously not one of you "power users", but more of a casual IT-nerd. I am currently ripping all my Music DVDs in oder to put them on my Streaming device and put them alltogether on a NAS-drive connected to my home-Network (LAN). Ripping the DVDs works ok in most of the cases (estiamted 80+%!) and fails for the rest. One of the newer DVDs stops after title *16 with a "ripping error message"? What did I do wrongly? Thanks for helping, Heinz

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    Re: Cannot Rip a music DVD

    Please can you post the full error message?

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    Re: Cannot Rip a music DVD

    Really DVD or CD?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Cannot Rip a music DVD

    dbpoweramp cannot rip a DVD. CD's only.

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