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After some more tests, it's a problem with the Pioneer. Its a recent model and it has a hard time showing album art unless it's a low rez audio format. MP3 files show all album art. Apple lossless, wav, or flac, no album art. Bummer...
I have a Pioneer car unit and it needs three criteria to be met to display covers.

1) The cover art needs to be embedded, though an additional Folder.jpg doesn't cause issues.

2) Maximum Pixel Size 600 x 600 pixels.

3) Maximum File Size 250KB

You can set up a car profile if, ripping direct to mem stick,

In version R17 you can resize both pixel and file size by right clicking and using dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags.

If batch converting add the DSP Effect ID Tag Processing.

In Settings click on Manipulation you can import from Folder.jpg and set both Maximum Pixel and File Size.

I had to work out the sizes by trial and error, it is not mentioned in the owners manual anywhere.

There is absolutely no consistency from manufacturer to manufacturer.....