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Thread: I've lost dBbPower Amp as my default ripper

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    I've lost dBbPower Amp as my default ripper

    Until recently if I wanted to rip a CD to play in my car (which only has an mp3 player) - I simply placed the CD in the tray and as soon as it loaded up came dBPoweramp open at the page which recognises the CD and I simply selected the tracks I wanted to rip and the programme did the rest.

    Now, suddenly, this automatic process isn't happening. Indeed, no default programme fires up when I insert a CD.

    I have still been able to use dBPoweramp by opening the programme manually from the desktop. It then seems to recognise there is a CD in the tray, but it doesn't give me the usual page with the track recognition, etc. The screen offers simply a list with Track 01, Track 02, etc. I have later changed the track names manually. But that has meant the artist section displays on my mp3 player as Unknown.... and is of course a pain in the neck compared with the track recognition system I used to have access to.

    Can anyone guess what is going on here? If its simply a matter of restoring dBPoweramp as the default for CDs - how do I do that? If I need to reinstall the programme, then how do I do that?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Berni in Catalunya

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    Re: I've lost dBbPower Amp as my default ripper

    If you are running a windows PC then go to:

    Control Panel (view by small icons) >> Default Programs >> Change AutoPlay settings >> CDs

    and next to Audio CD, select Rip Audio from CD (dBpoweramp CD Ripper) from the dropdown menu.

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    Re: I've lost dBbPower Amp as my default ripper

    It is likely your security software is blocking dBpoweramp from accessing the internet.

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