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Thread: Help: Converting

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    Help: Converting

    I'm trying to convert a .m4A file to flac so that it can play on my Sansa Clip+ (plus). I'm currently using R13.5 (so I do not have the latest version 16).

    When I try to convert it directly from Apple lossless (.m4a) to flac, the file will not play on my Sansa Clip+. It just skips it. However, when I convert the file to WAV, under "uncompressed" settings with a 16 bit rate (cd quality) it'll play just fine as WAV file with a crazy loud 5 second static at the end of the song.

    When I try to convert this crazy WAV file to FLAC, it'll also play on my Sansa Clip+, but it takes about 10 seconds to start playing. What gives? How do you fix this problem? Perhaps with some DSP effects, or something?

    Please help.

    I've attached a picture of the ORIGINAL file/s info I'm trying to convert (from WAV to FLAC) in order to show what I'm working with.

    P.S. I understand my media player can only play 16 bit rates, so I always make sure to convert to 16 bit rates.
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    Re: Help: Converting

    I just solved the problem. You guys aren't going to believe this. It was the large album art that was attached to the file after conversion from WAV to FLAC that was making it delay by 10 seconds before it started playing the file.

    Jeez. I'm glad that's over with, ha

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