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I always use burst speed on an internal LG Blu-Ray drive. On the occasional inaccurate track, I have tried to rip only the affected track with Secure mode, and it takes FOREVER. I usually just give up and cancel the rip after waiting over 15 minutes with over 90% still remaining. I now have 2 additional external USB drives - a Lite-On DVD writer and an LG Blu-Ray writer. So far I have always gotten an accurate burst rip with one of the USB drives when the internal Blu-Ray drive fails on a track.

This is much easier and less time-wasting than trying secure mode.

Just to clarify, you do understand that even when using secure/ultrasecure setting, if the ripper finds an AccurateRip match on the first pass, it stops after that and this is equivalent to using burst setting. Only for those tracks that don't get an AR match, do the additional passes get done. So this is the best of both worlds. In my own case, 90%+, maybe 98% get an AR match on first pass, so ripping is very fast. And of course if I don't get an AR match, I prefer to have the additional passes done automatically in secure mode, even if this takes longer. It is a rare CD that takes more than 5 to 10 minutes to rip, even if doing full ultrasecure passes (3 in my case). I've ripped many thousands of CDs.