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Thread: Help with metadata/naming

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    Help with metadata/naming

    Need some help with metadata naming that I haven't been able to figure out. I've got the program setup on two different PC's (wasn't sure if I need to do the same thing to both), on my own PC I just rip to FLAC & believe the naming is just set to the default. On my fathers PC I have a multi-encoder setup with the naming [artist]\[album]\[track] [title]

    I have a few "audiophile" sampler disks & I was hoping to just create a folder called something like "Audiophile sampler" & have all these half dozen or so disk's rip to this folder, I would prefer this over them all ripping to separate folders as I always play my media on my streamer when looking through artist & it would make them easier to find all in one location. I tried all different combos I could think of when entering the data for Artsit, album artist & album but I could never seem to get it to work properly (wouldn't show up properly when browsing through artists on my streamer). Is it possible to do this & if so how would I go about doing it (I am using asset if that makes a difference)?

    My other question is in regards to soundtracks, with different artists for each track. I tired ripping a soundtrack on my father's PC but it was creating a folder for each artist on the soundtrack vs just having a folder with the soundtrack name & all tracks in the same folder. I did select the compilation option, but that didn't seem to work.

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    Re: Help with metadata/naming

    I found the following script, which was developed with help from people on this forum, is a lifesaver.

    If a CD is NOT a compilation and is a single disc it files under ARTIST/ALBUM TITLE/track - title.mp3/flac etc

    If a CD is NOT a compilation and is a multiple disc it files under ARTIST/ALBUM TITLE/discnumber-track - title.mp3/flac etc

    If a CD IS a compilation and is a single disc it files under Various Artists/ALBUM TITLE/track - artist - title.mp3/flac etc

    If a CD IS a compilation and is a multiple disc it files under Various Artists/ALBUM TITLE/discnumber-track - artist - title.mp3/flac etc

    The script is here:

    [IFCOMP]Various Artists\[album]\[IFMULTI] \[disc]-[][track] - [artist] - [title][][IF!COMP][artist]\[album]\[IFMULTI]\[disc]-[][track] - [title][]

    I hope that helps - it means everything i rip is consistently named.

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    Re: Help with metadata/naming

    Sorry for the late reply on this, thanks for the script wondermouse. I have just tried this & it appears to have worked properly, it created a folder called various & all the compilations I ripped were put in that folder. All appeared good, but when I browse my music via Artist/Album on my 180Mind using Asett, it doesn't sort them correctly. There is no various folder in the list, instead it created folders for all the artists on the compilations, giving them each their own folder & when you click the folder there is nothing in it. When I ripped the albums I did make sure the compilations option was selected. If you browse by album instead, each album shows up correctly with all the songs in the correct album folder. What am I missing to have this displayed correctly in the Artist/Album view?

    I previously ripped one soundtrack (with my default settings) & it created a folder called Soundtrack & placed the album in it. When I browse Artist/Album, it displays correctly, with a Soundtrack folder that has the album located in it with all the proper songs?

    What am I missing?

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    Re: Help with metadata/naming

    Daren I just ripped a 400 cd collection using this for all situations -
    One stipulation is when doing multi-cd's take the Disk 1,2,3 out of the title and they will go into one folder with songs listed as 1-01, 2-01, 3-01 with disc as the first symbol.

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