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Thread: dead simple workflow with best defaults?

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    Question dead simple workflow with best defaults?

    I'm looking to convert a bunch of old audio CDs to flac, and my plan is to get anyone in the house (including a 6 year old) to be able to rip CDs.
    I'm hoping dBpoweramp CD Ripper will let me do this with a super simple workflow.
    This means the process is:
    1. see disc drive is done or not in use
    2. put a new disc in the drive
    3. wait
    4. repeat until all discs are done

    Is it possible to setup the CD Ripper app to support this kind of thing using the Mac OSX version?

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    Re: dead simple workflow with best defaults?

    You would need Batch Ripper for this simple type of ripping, but it is Windows only.

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