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Thread: Contributing Artists not displaying.

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    Contributing Artists not displaying.

    Has there been a change in the way multiple artists are handled? I have recently upgraded to 16.1 and have one album that features a number of featured artists that doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. For comparison, I've compared it to a similar album that does display correctly but I can't see a difference. I use multi-encode to get flac and m4a files.

    In Explorer, example as ripped by 15.x:

    Shatter Me.jpg

    In Explorer, ripped by 16.1:


    Tag data from 16.1:


    For the 15.x versions, the artists also show to have a semi-colon as a delimiter.

    Viewing the files in Picard, for the 16.1 rip it shows the semi-colon between artists, for 15.x example it replaces it with /.
    VLC "General" tab shows just the first artist, Lindsey Stirling, for 16.1 like Explorer but shows both in the same format as Picard, ie. "Lindsey Stirling/Lzzy Hale" for 15.x.
    Emby with 15.x replaces the delimiter with a comma seperated list eg "Lindsey Stirling, Lzzy Hale", where as with the 16.1 file in the images above it only uses the last artist listed, ie Christina Perri.

    If I delete the ; from the ID-Tag panel in file->properties, save changes and then put it back in and save, there's no change.
    If I edit the tags, replacing the ; with / save changes it displays correctly in Explorer but the ID-Tag panel it still shows ; as the delimiter.

    It may be just an issue with the original metadata, so I'll dig out the CD over the weekend and re-rip, examining the metadata before hand, but I thought I'd ask the question just in case.

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    Re: Contributing Artists not displaying.

    Yes we switched from '/' deliminator to separating the multiple artists as separate tags, this is the most used standard now. Note officially m4a does not support multiple artists (not according to Apple).

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    Re: Contributing Artists not displaying.

    Thanks for confirming that.

    Not too bothered about it on the PC, I can live with that for now but I will have to try some of the files using the new format in the car to see how that handles the data. If there's an issue I'll either have to manually edit the files or revert back to 15.3.

    Would it be worth adding an option to specify multiple tags or delimiter in the metadata options?

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    Re: Contributing Artists not displaying.

    There is the option on the advanced codec settings page in dBpoweramp Control Centre, under m4a Tagging >> Multi Tagging

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