Has there been a change in the way multiple artists are handled? I have recently upgraded to 16.1 and have one album that features a number of featured artists that doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. For comparison, I've compared it to a similar album that does display correctly but I can't see a difference. I use multi-encode to get flac and m4a files.

In Explorer, example as ripped by 15.x:

Shatter Me.jpg

In Explorer, ripped by 16.1:


Tag data from 16.1:


For the 15.x versions, the artists also show to have a semi-colon as a delimiter.

Viewing the files in Picard, for the 16.1 rip it shows the semi-colon between artists, for 15.x example it replaces it with /.
VLC "General" tab shows just the first artist, Lindsey Stirling, for 16.1 like Explorer but shows both in the same format as Picard, ie. "Lindsey Stirling/Lzzy Hale" for 15.x.
Emby with 15.x replaces the delimiter with a comma seperated list eg "Lindsey Stirling, Lzzy Hale", where as with the 16.1 file in the images above it only uses the last artist listed, ie Christina Perri.

If I delete the ; from the ID-Tag panel in file->properties, save changes and then put it back in and save, there's no change.
If I edit the tags, replacing the ; with / save changes it displays correctly in Explorer but the ID-Tag panel it still shows ; as the delimiter.

It may be just an issue with the original metadata, so I'll dig out the CD over the weekend and re-rip, examining the metadata before hand, but I thought I'd ask the question just in case.