Dear sirs

From some artists, I've loads of CDs and therefore loads of different versions of the same song. A simple option to make them "unique" is to use a 9-digit "year"-tag, like "1974.2011". Means: The song was record at 1974 and was published on CD at 2011. It's also helpful to identify different versions of the same album (I've for example 4 versions of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" album"). The naming of folders and files is generated automatically using tags, which works perfect (except the year tag). The syntax for the folder naming looks for ex. like this:

Album Artist - Album [Year]

It's possible to change the "Year" in the "Review Metadata" view the way I want it (means for ex. from "1974". to "1974.2011"), but DBPA doesn' care and uses in Folder Name, in File Name and in the Meta Tag "Year" strictly only the first 4 digits. Not a big issue, but this way I have to change Folder Name, File Name and ID-tag "Year" always manualy from "4 digits version" to "8 digits version". Is this problem known, is there a workaround to change this behaviour?

And not a problem but just to mention it: On "Review Metadata" page, there is a pull-down menu for the content of the year-tag. In my case, I can only see the years from 2016 back to 1995. All other years are not selectable via pull-down menu. Changing it manually is eihter way easier then choosing the right year via pull-down menu, but maybe this information is helpful detecting the problem above. But... rather not... ;-)

If anyone has an idea how to fix my problem: It would be great!

Thanks in advance
and best regards from Switzerland,