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Thread: New at using DBPA: batch convert .wav to .flac: getting metadata automatically

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    New at using DBPA: batch convert .wav to .flac: getting metadata automatically

    I am fairly new to using this software and was thinking to re-rip what took
    me a week to do late March early April of using iTunes to rip about 1200 CDs
    to .wav form. I used 6 to 7 CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives to get this project done
    in record time or ahead of schedule as I thought it would take longer.
    So far the 1200 or so CDs take up about under 800 GB of disk space.
    I have since categorized these onto about 13 flash drives each 64GB (by alphabetical order)
    so to play various music in the car stereo. (Add another 2 flash drives to cover
    the Soundtracks and Various Artists CDs. )

    So I was thinking I would have to re-rip the 1200 CDs from scratch to
    convert to flac , but I may be able to just use the .wav files I have stored
    on the Master music drive (though I am sure re-ripping from the source CDs
    I would get better error correction if there were any problems with what I did
    a few months ago-- but I have taken care of my CDs well).
    The purpose of re-ripping from scratch is that now I can get the benefits of
    downloading the metadata (album art, tagging information, etc.) without me having
    to manually type that information in.

    Is there a way to automate getting and inserting the tagging information
    if I just use the the existing .wav files under Artist\Album Title\track*(2 digits) Title of song?
    Well at least get the album name from the directory structures already in place and
    of course the title of the song and the track numbers inserted?
    Maybe that information can be looked up and automatically embedded in the .wav to .flac
    converted file? maybe I won't get the information regarding song writer, year, etc..
    This could save me time ... if not, I will just have to get out the booklets of CDs and
    re-rip them using 6 optical drives now (one drive has since failed ... the internal optical drive).

    Thank you.

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    Re: New at using DBPA: batch convert .wav to .flac: getting metadata automatically

    If you have the Windows version of dBpoweramp, there is the Tag From Filename which can create tags from the path and filename, see:


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