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Thread: StreamMax... 44,1KHz

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    StreamMax... 44,1KHz

    Hi !
    Any way to do that for only one control point?

    All my players support 24bit 48KHz but not Philips MCI8080
    Is there any way to set max sampling frequency to 44,1KHz for that specific player (control point)
    [ForceToMp3] works, but i really dont want to convert to lossy format...
    Thanx for any suggestions !

    sorry... fond solution few minutes later...
    i realize that ForceToMp3 should not work...
    i dont know what is the problem with 24/48 flac in PhilipsMCI8080... (16/44.1 flac play fine)
    but [StreamMax16Bit], [StreamMax2Channels], [StreamMax48KHz] and [ForceToWAVE] work now...
    will play with this later...
    Thanx anyway...
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