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Thread: Asset Upnp for Synology

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    Re: Asset Upnp for Synology

    I've been thinking about buying either a Synology DS118 or a DS218+ with WD Red or Ironwolf Drives ( depending on the $ ).
    My music files are FLAC Lossless ripped with dbP.
    I am wondering if Asset UPnP works ok with the Synology range.?
    ie does the difference in processor types across their range make any difference?
    Or any other issues that I should be wary of?

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    Re: Asset Upnp for Synology

    I have s 1513+ and it works well. I have my music ripped as FLAC and have Asset transcode it to WAV on the fly while playing and processor doesn't notice particularly. Previously I successfully ran Asset on a Raspberry Pi so it doesn't need a huge amount of horsepower! Nothing particular to note really: it works well.

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