Hi Folks,

Apologies in advance if this is a simple issue. I'm a Newbie so would appreciate any help or suggestions.

I'm trying to convert 1000 CD's from WMA Lossless to FLAC. I've run a test batch of 20 Albums in Batch Convertor to check DSP's, Folders and other settings.

However when I check these 20 Albums in AccurateRip it states 'Track Not Present in AccurateRip'. However these are mainstream albums so I thought they'd be there.

So I've taken a the original CD's which was ripped to WMA. I've then used CD Ripper to rip these directly to FLAC and AccurateRip finds them. The first two Albums come back with AccurateRip match of 200 for Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Californication" Album.

Whilst Moby's "Play" comes back with 85. Does this mean there's a problem with the original WMA Lossless files? Am I converting these the wrong way? Are there any issues with my settings causing these not to be found in AccurateRip?

I'm using the Reference version of Dbpa on Windows 10, via Bootcamp on OS X. I don't see it should make any difference but thought I'd state that in case there are any known issues.

Ideally I don't want to have to re-rip all the 1000 albums.

Thanks in advance.