I have a couple of different libraries I would like Asset to serve (FLAC and MP3 at this stage). Having read through the threads I see that some people are using a solution that can be set up using tags ( https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...iple-Libraries ). I've started setting this method up and it seems to be working on a limited set of test files, however it doesn't quite provide the functionality I would like through the control point..

I'm using Win7 (hosts Asset v5.1 and also the audio files - soon to be upgraded to Win10) together with a Musaic system and their control point app (http://www.musaic.com/*!support/crkq ) They actually recommend Asset under the 'how to stream music from a Windows computer' section! :-)

In the control point they have sections 'Albums', 'Artists' etc. but these provide both sets of tracks. To access the separate FLAC or MP3 libraries you have to go through 'More' - 'Library' - then 'FLAC' or 'MP3'. Obviously I'd prefer to be able to pick the library and then just use the app sections provided.

I noted that in one of the threads (https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...iple+libraries ) Spoon said multiple instances of Asset was coming in version 5. We're currently on v5.1 ... so is this possible now? If not, is it still on the roadmap for a future release and if so is there a timeframe for when it is likely to be released?

Thanks in advance!